TooLittleTooLate is the slow thinker response when I discovered someone out in domain-registering land had usurped the other names I wanted.   Did they not know I really wanted  “refrigerator magnets” in honor of my friends Tammy and Fay” ?  We worked assiduously to set up a blog in one morning.   Alas, our title is gone.  As we said in French class with a roll of the shoulders and a sigh, “C’est la vie.”   Or “That’s life”–too little too late.

However, since I am a new blogger and introducing myself, I need to let you know some of what I’ll be doing here and invite you along on the journey. I will be blogging on that well-worn topic of losing weight, some articles on learning to live with grief and loss, on family, on  dogs, on life.


About Dot Ainsworth Day

After 25 years in the classroom as an English teacher and over twenty years as a family therapist, I am confined to home with a muscular dystrophy and have begun to write: my family history, MEMORIES OF THE SHARECROPPER'S FAMILY, was published February 27, 2017. Through this blog, I hope you enjoy learning more about muscular dystrophy, the (ahem) joys of having a caregiver or care partner and the management of daily activities. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR is a short story now being stretched into a novel. A TASTE FOR MURDER, a family story of murder discussed on another blog and in the family history, is still in the first draft stage. Note: Writing a novel based on real characters and avoiding offense or lawsuit is difficult enough. Its being a first novel and my learning the intricacies of dialogue and plotting​ have made for a slow learning curve.
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