TooLittleTooLate is the slow thinker response when I discovered someone out in domain-registering land had usurped the other names I wanted.   Did they not know I really wanted  “refrigerator magnets” in honor of my friends Tammy and Fay” ?  We worked assiduously to set up a blog in one morning.   Alas, our title is gone.  As we said in French class with a roll of the shoulders and a sigh, “C’est la vie.”   Or “That’s life”–too little too late.

However, since I am a new blogger and introducing myself, I need to let you know some of what I’ll be doing here and invite you along on the journey. I will be blogging on that well-worn topic of losing weight, some articles on learning to live with grief and loss, on family, on  dogs, on life.


About Dot Ainsworth Day

Though I taught English for a number of years, I am only now working on Being a Writer. I wrote but as a teacher, as a family therapist, as a student, as a mother; now I am a writer. I still occasionally work as a family therapist. Because I am easily distracted by technology and have a tendency to procrastinate,I need to re-state that: I AM A WRITER. BACK WHEN: MEMORIES OF A SHARECROPPER'S DAUGHTER THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR In writing process: BACK WHEN: A Taste for Murder
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