Exodus 16:20 (New International Version, ©2010) 

20 ” However, some of them paid no attention to Moses; they kept part of it until morning, but it was full of maggots and began to smell. So Moses was angry with them.”


Moses received his instructions from God, and the people had already seen God’s affirmation of Moses’s leadership when Moses led them in the process of the Passover and then in the exodus through the Red Sea..



God provided for their physical needs, but being humans like us, they wanted to tweak the method or even later to complain about the provision by wanting something different.

” Remember how good the food was in Egypt”–never mind that they were servants with tremendous, impossible tasks assigned them. Well, this time they did what they wanted and the results :MAGGOTS!

Have you ever seen maggots up close and personal. When I was first married, I let a pot of peas cook dry. I cleaned out what I could, put water in the pot , set it outside–I don’t know why–maybe the burn stench was filling our little cottage next to the peach orchard.  ThenI headed out on a hot summer evening to play softball. I ignored the pot for a couple of days and finally checked it. There were thousands of writhing, repulsive, slimy creatures cleaning the pan for me, well on their way to becoming healthy houseflies.. Luckily, I had left the pan outside or there would have been a huge problem–my dropping the pan and vomiting would have made a pretty sight with the maggots tumbling everywhere.  I ended up with one fewer pot and a lesson learned.

Back to the Israelites. I can feel their pain. They marched on command, set up camp, took it down, sometimes within the course of one day. Their struggles were equipping them for a future fulfillment of God’s promise of a new land. It seems as if maybe they wanted it “here and now” or they would just take matters into their own hands. But God had a last word–don’t hoard–gather in the way I say or you will just get MAGGOTS for your attempt to miss work by gathering too much.

So often, I don’t see out God’s provision for me when I eat. I already know so much about dieting and nutrition, but applying what I know? My food has become MAGGOTS!   Totally ugly on my clothing with the drips and dribbles of hastily eaten food and in my body creating disease and excess poundage interfering with my participation in many activities I love. Even now, I deny myself church because of the possibilities of falling,, the self-consciousness regarding my appearance–stumbling, slow, and ponderous with my walker.

Keep in mind that unlike the Israelites, I do have the whole Bible and no excuses for God’s not speaking directly to me through His Word, through His Spirit, through prayer, and through other people..

I know He looks on me with eyes of love. Yet, many times, I attempt obedience with a heart of rebellion, or a spirit of anger or fear; sometimes I am excessively tired (very easy to do when one lives with a muscular dystrophy-inclusion body myositis–where the prescription is “rest before you get tired”).

Why do I resist? Why do I confess my selfishness and stubbornness over and over again? I know He forgives ,and He gives me His peace. But I keep drifting away. I am sure that if I were marching around in that desert, I would try to get an extra day of rest by overgathering. AND MAGGOTS

In what areas do you have a stronghold (something that has a strong hold on you that keeps you from fully realizing God’s blessing)?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


What things have you tried to rid yourself of them?


How successful have you been through your own efforts?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How do you hoard?


In what areas do you have a stronghold (something that has a strong hold on you that keeps you from fully realizing God’s blessing)?_


Some of my strongholds are overeating, dieting, difficulty accepting this diseasea, having a defeated spirit when tired.




What things have you tried to rid yourself of it?


I have attempted to control the compulsive overeating by compulsive dieting–I don’t even have to wait until Monday anymore


Now, I am attempting to give up the food thoughts of dieting and to keep a check on satiety and savoring.. I try to continue to live a “normal” life and full up my days with too much. Yet I seldom go anywhere or do anything.

I go through the actions/disciplines of obedience with rebellion ..

How successful have you been through your own efforts?





I am trying to keep myself in an eating pattern of “everything in moderation, including moderation” and I focus my effort on self-respect and doing random acts of kindness–the little Facebook encouragements. However, my own efforts in handling the prescribed prednisone, my steroid of choice NOT, has gotten me to 218.5  pounds, down from 225. So there is slow progress which I could kill by running to any maggoty food I want.

How do you hoard?

I hoard when I hold back from obeying God completey–in misuse of his blessing, in refusing to accept help.  I also hoard in my desire to have plenty of food in the pantry or freezeer.  While this is  a wise decision in many cases, I do not need to concern myself with how much food I have.  God will provide. 

Don’t hoard. If God blesses you, give the blessing back to God, or it will rot. We bless Him when we follow Him.

Hmm I wonder, what is spiritual dry rot? let’s look at that tomorrow.





About Dot Ainsworth Day

After 25 years in the classroom as an English teacher and over twenty years as a family therapist, I am confined to home with a muscular dystrophy and have begun to write: my family history, MEMORIES OF THE SHARECROPPER'S FAMILY, was published February 27, 2017. Through this blog, I hope you enjoy learning more about muscular dystrophy, the (ahem) joys of having a caregiver or care partner and the management of daily activities. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR is a short story now being stretched into a novel. A TASTE FOR MURDER, a family story of murder discussed on another blog and in the family history, is still in the first draft stage. Note: Writing a novel based on real characters and avoiding offense or lawsuit is difficult enough. Its being a first novel and my learning the intricacies of dialogue and plotting​ have made for a slow learning curve.
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