Big-Log-Removers Anonymous

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Imagine an emergency room doctor trying to remove a small splinter from her patient’s eye. Big-Log-Removers AnonymousNow image that the doctor has a telephone pole protruding from her own eye! How can the doctor see clearly enough to help her patient, with a big log stuck in her own eye?

But, of course, this is something all of us do all the time – we point out to others the issues we think they should be working on, while we ourselves can’t see the same issues in our own lives. 

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About Dot Ainsworth Day

After 25 years in the classroom as an English teacher and over twenty years as a family therapist, I am confined to home with a muscular dystrophy and have begun to write: MEMORIES OF THE SHARECROPPER'S FAMILY, published on​ February 27 with a much-corrected second edition due November 1. I hope you enjoy learning about more Mississippi writers and their work. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR In writing process: BACK WHEN: A Taste for Murder
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