DESCRIPTION:   Emma died at a young age during the Depression years in Mississippi, shortly after her miscarriage with her third child, leaving behind one son and one daughter, less than three years old.  her husband Houston remarried, and his second wife died within one and one-half years of Emma’s death;  Etta left one child.  Fast forward 20 years to the death of their granddaughter and the attempted murder of a second child.  It turned out that poison had been given to each of these.

Title Possibilities

  1.  Murdered: The Sharecropper’s daughter

2.  Death Comes to the Farmer’s Daughter    3.  Till murder do us part

4.  Of death and retribution                               5. Selected for Murder

6.  Family secrets                                                  7.   Secrets unearthed

8.  Grave Unmarked                                              9.  Necessary evil

10  entitled to happiness                                       11  Murder for success

12  Family disrupted                                               13  Family interrupted

14  Sweet revenge                                                   15   A taste for murder

16  Fits and ends                                                     17  Mississippi Mayhem

18.  Mississippi murder                                         19.  Murder, Sweet Murder

20, Family murderer                                               21.    death insurance

22.  other______________

Declare your choice in the comment section, and send your email address to to receive a copy of a short story “That’s What Friends Are For.”


About Dot Ainsworth Day

After 25 years in the classroom as an English teacher and over twenty years as a family therapist, I was confined to home with a muscular dystrophy and began to write my family history. MEMORIES OF THE SHARECROPPER'S FAMILY was published February 27, 2017. Through this blog, I hope you enjoy learning more about muscular dystrophy, the (ahem) joys of having a caregiver or care partner and the management of daily activities. THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR is a short story soon to be stretched into a novel. A TASTE FOR MURDER, a family story of murder discussed on another blog and in the family history, is still in the first draft stage. Note: Writing a novel based on real characters and avoiding offense or lawsuit is difficult enough. Its being a first novel and my learning the intricacies of dialogue and plotting​ have made for a slow learning curve.
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  1. Phoenix. says:

    Till murder do us part.


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